Betty-Jeanne Funk

Belly Dance Instructor

A love for the performing arts led Betty-Jeanne to study Middle Eastern dance. Training with amazing instructors for the past 14 years, Betty-Jeanne continues to learn from many sources. Focusing on Egyptian dance, her training has been local and taken her on travels around Canada, and overseas, to train from some of the best of the world's belly dance talent. Betty-Jeanne's goal is to inspire and ignite a passion for the dance and culture through her teachings.

Michel Carbonneau

Sensei Shotokan Karate

Michel is a second-degree black belt in Shotokan Karate. He trained in the early 1990's under Sensei Yutaka Katsumata in Montréal (Club Élite, Centre Claude Robillard, CEPSUM of Université de Montréal), where he also served as sempai (assistant instructor). Between 1989 and 1994, he was a frequent medalist at regional (Montréal) and provincial levels in both solo and team competitions. In addition, he placed in the top 10 in Pan-American tournaments, and participated in the ShotoCup World Tournament in 1992 and 1994. Michel is also a first-degree black belt in Jiu-jitsu (also a Japanese martial art), which he studied from the age of 8 starting in Paris and continuing in Montréal. He also studied the Feldenkrais technique (body awareness) as applied through martial arts, starting with Tai Chi (with Claude-Marie Caron, a certified teacher of the Feldenkrais method). After a career in human resources in Montréal, Michel moved to Lethbridge in 2012 to join his wife-to-be, Deanna. In 2015, he had the opportunity to spend four months in Sapporo, Japan where he returned to training at a Shotokan dojo (under Sensei Takashi Hirasawa). Michel enjoyed his past teaching as a sempai in Montréal, and having this more recent experience in Japan, wanted to come back to his roots. In Lethbridge, he sees an opportunity to make his project and dreams concrete.