*NEW* Studio entry and exit procedures

Studio entry and exit

.Please do everything you can to avoid getting sick. Prevention is everything!

Even though we do our best there are times when it happens.

  • If you are feeling sick, please let me know and stay home. Getting tested is highly recommended, follow appropriate quarantine regulations that apply to your situation
  • If you start feeling sick during class, please leave immediately. Getting tested is highly recommended follow quarantine regulations that apply to your situation
  • If you arrive to class with symptoms, you will be asked to leave.

These screening, testing, isolation procedures can be found at




by calling Health Link 811 or the health nurse that administered your test.

If contact tracing is necessary, I will be contacted by the appropriate authorities and will be required to provide information requested, including your name and contact information

After you have screened yourself and have no signs of sickness you are ready for class

  • Please arrive to the door no more than 10 min early, please try not to be late. If you need to be a few minutes late, please let me know in advance
  • Arrive dressed for class
  • Please leave as many personal items as possible at home or in your vehicle, you may bring in your purse, water bottle (or dance bag)
  • When arriving please allow one person in at a time to enter, keeping 2 m distance at all times outside the door
  • Sanitize hands, remove shoes place under the bench
  • Take a box, bring it and all your personal belonging with you to the floor, there you may put your items in the box and place it along the wall 2 m from others
  • Select a spot and there, you are done!


Following AHS guidelines masks are to be worn into the studio, but not during the physical activity. 

After class

  • When leaving put on your coat, scarves etc, on the floor. Being mindful to keep 2 m distance put on your shoes, sanitize your hands upon exit.
  • Please exit a quickly as possible in order to allow time for me to clean the studio for the next class
  • After class chat is a time I really enjoy, but for now we will have to limit that. I am always available by text email or phone.

Betty-Jeanne Funk – phone or text: 403-894-3865 email: [email protected]

If the question or comment is class related feel free to ask during class, as someone else may have the same question.

We will have only a small amount of time to do this so we do not start class late. Soon it will all be second nature and it will flow much easier.

Studio Cleanliness

A clean studio has always been a priority for me, now it is even more so.

After/In-between every class

  • All surfaces will be disinfected, including the floor.

Studio is deep cleaned every week

  • Floors are steam cleaned
  • Bathrooms fully disinfected
  • All other surfaces disinfected