About Us

Revolution World Dance and Movement Studio – yes, that is a mouthful! How else to describe an environment that is welcoming to all types of artistic expression?!


"Hi! My name is Betty-Jeanne Funk. I am the owner and creator of Revolution World Dance and Movement Studio. I have been an admirer of many forms of artistic and athletic movement my whole life. Whether it be an observer or participant, I have always been spellbound by how the human body moves, its strength and the emotional expression created without saying a word."

This Section is “My Story”

So this is it, the story of how the “Revolution” became. Training in belly dance for over 12 years in North America and abroad, I have deeply fallen for all things in the culture and expression of Egyptian Dance. I have been fortunate enough to seek out training from some of the world-best in dance and percussion.

Most recent, I was in Montreal at DreamCamp last summer (for the second time) with ever talented and technique superstar, Aziza, super shimmies! I will be in Italy in September of 2017 to take training from the beautiful and amazingly talented Aida Bogolomova. You must watch some YouTube of these two ladies.

I am also currently in online classes with Hossam Ramzy, learning drumming and rhythm in depth. I hope to teach drumming to my students one day as it is such an important part of the dance, and will hopefully make you fall in love with the soul of the music as it did for me.

I have had two great instructors over the past 12 years, and when both of the studios closed I felt a huge loss to my soul… Literally, I felt empty. “What am I going to do?!” I would say to myself. I felt like I had to do something.. but what?!

I have a full-time job as owner of Vintage Funk Hairstyling, a career I have fully enjoyed for many years now, and continue to love. My salon is focused on independent stylists who want to build their clientele how they want to – have full control over their clients, working hours and fees. I love to provide a wonderful working environment for such self-motivated people.

When people started to suggest I open a studio I thought “I already have a full-time job! I can’t teach that many classes!” Well, one day at work, I was looking out the window at an empty bay in a building across the street, and it came to me.

Why not open a studio with the same premise as my salon? I can help build and/or sustain the careers of other instructors of movement, by offering them a place to build their business and reach their goals what ever they may be. Provide a space for individuals or groups, training for competitions or just for fun. Not just dance, but any type of movement! The studio would be a healthy part of the arts community in Lethbridge. I can offer classes to students, and I can still train.

It really felt like a win-win to me.

Well, the space across the street wasn’t suitable, but after some looking, a little gem of a place was found, and so was Revolution World Dance and Movement. So the rest has been a roller coaster!! But every fiber of my being has been telling me this is the right thing to be doing and I am thrilled! I feel I have built a multi-purpose studio with the right feeling for all the different forms – be it yoga, dance, barre, meditation.. whatever!

I invite you to join me on my journey and to create one of your own.

With Love and Respect,